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    Duration 2 Days
    Timing 10 am to 5.30 pm
    Course Cost AED 3800
    Course Content

    The basic level course is an introductory level class on the principles, concept, history and the science of Fengshui.

    It involves an in depth study of the origin, concepts and the understanding of this esoteric science.

    The universe is made of ether and so is the human body. In this seminar the student will be given an in depth understanding of energy, its patterns and the universal flow.

    Students will learn to understand the aura and the effect of energy on the human aura.

    The eight different aspects of life namely, Career / Business, health, education, wealth, fame, marriage / relationships, children, and divine providence / destiny luck are all affected positively or negatively due to the balance or imbalance of the energy in the aura of a human body.

    Fengshui is the science of balancing the energy of the environment, which assists in balancing the energies being absorbed by the humans inhabiting that environment..

    Learning the method of creating a balanced flow of chi in your home and office will assist in balancing the aura which will further result in balancing the eight aspects of life.

    This basic level course is the first step into the clear understanding and practical use of fengshui in a home or an office.

    Topics Being Covered
      Fengshui the Science – A clear understanding
      Schools of Fengshui – Their origin and history
      Form school fengshui – Its principles
      Understanding of the Pa kua
      Kua number formulas
      Fengshui flow charts and layout of furnitures, plants, lights, artifacts
      Colors and their importance and use in Fengshui
      Aura – its understanding
      Fengshui enhancers – an in depth understanding of their use and importance
      Method of placements
      Do’s and don’ts of Fengshui
      A glimpse into the Four pillars of destiny – your date of birth chart
    You will require – Note book, pen, pencil, compass for drawing, foot ruler, color pens and a clearly sketched floor plan of the house or office that is to be fengshuied.
    You will receive – All participants will receive a hand out/ manual. You will have the opportunity of bringing one floor plan for analysis during the class.
    *Audio / video recording of seminar is not permitted.