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Feng Shui FAQ

  • Frequently Asked Questions about feng shui and feng shui consultation

      What is Fengshui?
    Q Why is it important to create a calming home environment?
    A Fengshui is a 5000 year old Chinese science of creating balanced flow of energy in an environment. Based on the principle of the five elements of the universe it is an effective and holistic way of creating balance in an office or living space.

    It is believed that vision stimulates the brain to think and thought gives rise to an emotion. The emotion then initiates the body into action. Hence a positive thought is the key to positive action, which will then give a positive result.

    The body’s aura absorbs the energy from the environment and influences the thoughts, which then influences the mind, emotion, action and reaction.
    Q Does a relaxing home environment necessarily mean a clean, uncluttered space or is it more about discovering what each individual finds relaxing and creating a space that suits them?
    A A clean clutter free home is one of the basic requirements of good Fengshui, however, the correct placement of colors, furniture, fixtures and soft furnishings plays a very important role in enhancing the chi of the home.

    Fengshui is a science of placement of things and objects in a positive cycle which creates a balanced environment.

    Each house has its personal natal chart which is based on flying star Fengshui.

    Hence, every space will have its intrinsic requirements of balancing the chi.

    This information is then co related to suit the people who are living in the home or working in an office.

    The personal dates of birth of these individuals are calculated as per the chinese calendar and after the balancing treatment / cures are suggested.
    Q What are some of the best tips and tools you can offer people to make their homes feel and look more peaceful?
    A The most important factors that people can take into account is to keep their homes clutter free.

    Decorate homes in neutral colors adding accent through the use of cushions, paintings, or a feature wall.

    Avoid using too many mirrors as they double up the energy, good or bad.

    Avoid artificial or silk flowers, potpourri, synthetic aromas such as aromatic candles, synthetic incense and sharp edged furniture.
    Q What are some of the biggest mistakes people tend to make with regards to home decoration?
    A Usually people like to color their walls with Fengshui friendly colors, which means they read from the books and color walls for each direction in the corresponding color of that direction. This not the correct way of understanding or using Fengshui.

    These colors can sometimes harm the individual if they are not suitable for them as per their date of birth charts or if there are flying star numbers that are not co relating to these colors.

    Besides, people tend to paint an entire room in one color, which is incorrect too.

    In case a person would like to color a wall or two they should always be adjacent walls. Always paint one or two walls in any room.
    Q Please give a brief account of a project you have worked on in which the client wanted to create a calmer home space.
    A A client was building a home and wanted to incorporate Fengshui in every aspect of their home.

    So we designed the entire home from the architectural drawings to each piece of art that was to be positioned in the home.

    The placement of beds, the flooring, lighting, all furnishings were designed for the benefit of achieving a good Fengshui balance in the home for the family.

    ͏͏   Placing plants in bedroom is very disturbing to the chi.

      Having excessive water elements such as a water feature as well as an aquarium can be a reason for an imbalance of energy.

      Hanging paintings above the bed in a bedroom is highly avoidable too.

      Mirrors facing the bed can cause health and marital issues.