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Space Clearing

  • Fengshui is a 5000 years old Chinese science of the environment. It is based on the principle of the five elements of the universe namely – earth, metal, water, wood and fire.

    Fengshui Analysis of three bedroom villa – includes visit by Master Priya Khanna AED 4800
    Fengshui Analysis of Four or five bedrooms villa – includes visit by Master Priya Khanna AED 5800
    Basic space clearing – will include etheric clearing and localized clearing AED 5800
    Advanced space clearing – will include the above and a deeper level of clearing of the ground and the walls of the apartment or the villa or office AED 8000
    Ultra space clearing – will include all of above and the clearing of all negative or hidden forces of energies that could be blocking or causing disturbances AED 15,800
    Skype sessions for all types of healings are available. Time zone GMT +4