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The Divine Scoop


    Shaman, Healer and Master Priya Khanna

    Aura reading and healing – a complete holistic healing on all levels AED 600
    Chakra reading and healing – clears and balances all chakras AED 600
    Shamanic Journey – provides a deep insight into questions that might require some answers. (one question per journey) AED 800
    Shamanic Healing – one issue for an individual can receive deep medicinal healing at a soul level AED 800
    Matrix Healing – heals the morphogenetic field of the body and thought patterns. Provides long lasting and life changing experiences AED 1200
    Soul retrieval – retrieval of fragmented soul parts that have been left scattered during our journey through life. AED 1200
    Soul Cleansing – removal of negative energy and or evil energies from the aura, chakras and morphogenetic fields AED 3800
    *All techniques used are holistic and non invasive. There is no use of religious ceremonies or rituals.