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The Enterpreneur

¤   The Enterpreneur
¤   The Teacher
¤   The Healer
¤   The Presenter
¤   The Writer

It was October of 1996, The stars were shining on the life of this young mother of two who worked as a manager in an international shipping firm in Dubai. It was as if life had decided that it was ready to take a flight.

An offer from a reputed American firm lured this dynamic woman to take the plunge into becoming an entrepreneur in partnership with the director of the company. In less than a year, the numbers were speaking volumes. Opportunities were being presented on various levels, trading, manufacturing, agency representation etc. etc.

One thing that stood out evidently clear was, the sharp intellect, high powered performance level and the single minded determination of this most sought after beautiful, charming lady.

Having been inclined towards the esoteric sciences, Priya Khanna, Continued to gain knowledge and skills in the alternative sciences. The knowledge was well utilized when she decided to begin her advisory services as a proponent, exponent and consultant of the Chinese science of feng shui.

In 2000, she received the Master's certification from Lillian Too's Institute of Fengshui, Malaysia and became the first qualified, certified and recognized Fengshui Practitioner in the Gulf.

Her dreams were wild and the wildest of her dreams have come true. Her wide eyed look, modulated voice and highly expressive face clearly exude the charisma of the soul within. This soul that believes in the manifestation of dreams on all levels, in all walks of life.

The very first Fengshui boutique, was opened in 2002 at Al Khaleej Center, Bur Dubai U.A.E. It was a landmark event. For two reasons, first, because the trade name sanctioned by the authorities acknowledged and licensed the science of Fengshui. Second , because Elements Fengshui, was the only stand alone new age Fengshui boutique in the entire GCC.

The boutique specializes in carrying a wide variety of Fengshui products, from various parts of the world. Some of these items were specially designed by the Master Practitioner herself.

Her most prominent success came from the revival of the handmade sculptures and figurines of Fengshui from rural China. Priya Khanna, traveled to the interiors of China and met with the artisans of yest er years, they talked about their glorious days when Chinese pottery was well received by the western world.

In the year 2004, a special series of porcelain hand crafted statues were commissioned to be made especially for Elements Fengshui, Dubai. It took over 4 months for the artisans to prepare the series of only 48 pieces. This was the first hand made collection ever to be marketed in the Gulf, the likes of which could only be found in LLADRO, from Spain.

Elements Fengshui General Trading LLC, the change in name took place in the year 2007, which made this company a share holding company with Mrs Priya Khanna holding 49% of the equity. The local sponsor Mr Mohd. Rashid Abdouli being the major share holder.

The year 2008 also became a milestone year when the company was awarded its first media license to trade in audio music.

The fragrance of the sweet smelling incenses filled the life and well being of this organisation, when the first OEM product of the company was launched in 2008. Elements Fengshui, moved a step ahead by bringing to the world the most exotic pure herbal and essential oil incense. Stylishly designed packaging that would captivate the eyes of the royals too, these incenses are the pride of Elements Fengshui today.

The wide variety and range of products available at the Elements Fengshui stores are all hand picked by the Master practitioner herself.

Elements Fengshui has fast grown into a multi million dollars business, touching the hearts and lives of people across the world.