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The Presenter

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It was in the year 2000 that I received my first invitation from one of the major leading radio channels to speak on the topic of Fengshui. I was majorly excited as this was the most uncommon thing that had ever happened in the history of broadcasting.

A lovely lady presenter called me from Radio 4, 89.1 Ajman and asked me to do a two hour talk show with her. As I was talking to her about the technical details of the show I realised that she was a fengshui enthusiast and was very interested in knowing more about the science. I am sure from our 20 minute long conversation she must have gathered atleast one thing, which was that Priya Khanna liked to talk .............. talk non stop, sure, but only on the topic of energy sciences and fengshui.

Thus began my journey on the road to broadcasting. It was after the first 2 hour show , which was on a friday afternoon, that I realised the power of the media and its implications. One wrong word and one was out. It was an amazing experience of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed receiving live phone calls and answering people without knowing who, what or where they were from.

This journey continued for many years and the awareness of fengshui kept increasing. The show was a roaring success. We would take live calls non stop for 2 hours. The calls after the show were pouring in, people had all kinds of problems that needed to be resolved.I remember driving back from Ajman continuosly answering phone calls.

Little did we know that this show was attracting so much attention that people from neighbouring countries had started logging on to Ajman radio in order to catch the live broadcast.

Success stories started to pour in from different parts of the country. Every single staff at the studios was using Fengshui and it was like a great energy cycle that got created in a span of 6 to 8 months.

We progressed .......... thought why only radio, why not TV. So the big step was taken again for the very first time in the history of the country where a live Fengshui broadcast took place on Ajman TV. My host on the show was the beautiful Pallavi who now works with Pulse 95.3 . The show was again very well received and we did a few episodes over the months. Charu, who now heads Radio 4 also anchored the show on a few episodes. It was a great experience.

AWAAZ ....... AAPKE DIL KI DHARKAN ........... was the biggest mile stone in the making of fengshui and Elements Fengshui or Priya Khanna in this country. My good old friends Payal Thakur and Asif hosted this hour long series on fengshui for many years. We saw great success and received much love and appreciation from people in the UAE.

PULSE 95.3, is the channel that presently hosts the talk show every wednesday between 11 am and 12 noon. Madhura the beautiful dainty Banglore girl is my anchor and we have a wonderful time discussing fengshui, HELPING PEOPLE, CHANGING LIVES.

Over the years I have grown old and my science has matured, we now have four fengshui outlets in major shopping malls of Dubai. Peoples awareness has opened and the hard work of so many years has finally paid off. I see more and more people understanding energies and turning to alternative sciences. It gives me a sense of peace, a sense of achievement. I feel rewarded for the efforts in shifting the focus and energies of thousands and thousands of families accross UAE. I feel happy. I am thankful. I am glad.

The onus of spreading the awareness and creating this masive shift goes to the Radio, TV and print media who have supported me unenddingly through out this marathon.

However, we havent reached the end, its just begun. There is a long way to go as yet and when I am tired I would be happy to pass the baton onto someone more deserving and more dedicated than myself.

With this thought I thank you all who have been the greatest inspiration for me to walk this path and the entire media network of the UAE for there support and encouragement.

You can catch me live on Pulse 95.3 every wednesday and write in to me in advance if you would like any of your queries answered on air.

Warm wishes to all of you who are reading this and thank you for visiting this site.