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The Teacher

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It was indeed a marathon task for me to start the process of teaching the teachings of my teachers. Not because I could not teach, but because I always felt that what could a person who needs to learn be able to teach. Till one of my masters said the most profound words to me that changed my whole perspective. He said, " one teaches that the best what one needs to learn the most". This one sentence changed the dynamics of the whole prospect of my becoming a teacher.

Ever since, I have taught with great passion a number of students the various different sciences that I have studied and learnt over the last two decades.

Life takes on a completely different meaning when one passes on the learnings and the teachings onto others. It is the one single way to remain eternally alive in all aspects of life.

I have the pleasure of offering my teachings and experiences in Fengshui, Dowsing, Meditation - the science behind the power of the thought, Crystal healing, Pranic healing and Life Alignment.

Workshops on The Science of Meditation, Fengshui for the home or office, Successful Manifestation, Dowsing and Crystals Therapy are few on my favourites list.

Each work shop is individually created to offer the finest details with extensive information that may not ever be available to people through books or the internet. The teachings are simple, to the point and extreemely profound in their truth and essence.

Every aspect of the workshop is clearly designed to pass on the core information to the participants that would take them on their own journey in life.

Participants learn to understand the topics with ease and use the principles in the simplest aspects of life hence being self empowered to go further on their chosen paths.

All work shops are conducted on Saturday afternoons from 3 pm to 7 pm and are very interactive sessions where each one has the opportunity to discuss their personal issues and queries.

Each workshop is priced at Dhs 800/- per person which includes course material. Light snacks are served after the event. Maximum participants 12 per workshop.